“…..the group of women who are watching a secret fire.
They are surrounded by the sea, water and bodies that enter into a tentative symbiosis, as if it were a tapestry, a pattern in naturethat finds its way into the women’s bodies.

Lars-Olof Karlsson, Helsingborgs Dagblad, 22 april 1995

“…..The paintings are dominated by tree trunks an flower-cups, but the underlying tone is erotic and sensuous. There are voluptuous slits in the bare, grey trunks, the trees press against each others in a way that is anything but chaste. Coitus arborarius may be the Latin term for this.
The tension between the carnally unchaste and the innocent disguise definitely lends the exhibition a unique charge.”

Pontus Kyander, Sydsvenska Dagbladet, 25 mars 1998

“The forms here clearly derive from fern fronds, but the artist imbues them with mystical significance. She describes her work as “painting a window into nature”. Natural forms here preside over a marriage between fantasy and reality.”
Edward Lucie-Smith, “Flora” 2001, Taschen GmbH, Germany

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